I AM the Still Small Voice

I will begin with I’ve always been able to see the light in all living beings since I was a child. My life’s mission is to take the guidance and information I’m given from the still small voice within and do Gods work. You can use your own word Creator, Universe, Higher power. To be of assistance.

The information I receive is often activated by questions, and other times it just comes through.

I had a business for ten years called The Pet Generation which was solving people’s animal problems really by teaching them how to hear what they’re Animals are saying to them from the still small voice within,

it is the only language
Of the Natural world accept for man who uses primarily the mind. It is Also known as the language of the heart or Universal language.

The still small voice is where the information that I access comes from.

I then had a business for about ten years first called: The Truth Whisperer and eventually renamed: The Heart Energy Program. I was then working with people to release their blocks.

I’ve always received information about people’s ailments in their bodies but this then started coming through very strongly. Source or God Christ Consciousness within told me I needed to study more which I have been doing and now I have a new understanding. I have gone deeper into the silence of the still small voice and as I help people with their ailments and blocks I can also teach them how to get to the still small voice inside.

I charge:

Thirty minutes $75
Sixty minutes $150

If you would like a session just text, email or call



Also if you are interested at some point on working with me on your issue on a more regular basis once every three weeks would be a good schedule to remove a long term block or medical condition. Love

Love and Light
Christine and the Animals






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